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Sorry, we haven't posted in a while, but we have no winter puppies this year. (Hoping for spring puppies, but no promises.) We have reestablished the page of comments from our buyers (click on 'Comments' above) - - Enjoy the stories and photos! And we would be happy to add any new pictures and updates from our buyers (hint, hint). We'll soon be posting again Wendy Bush's article, 'Puppy Love', and some fond memories about the early history of Coreyland Bulldogs.

     Laney's and Rosa's puppies have all been sold.  Our newest litter is out of Coreyland's Cici and Coreyland's Wheeland. They were born on March 21, 2022, so there's no waiting period - you can pick up your favorite immediately. Check the Puppy Page for photos of Cici, Wheeland, and their puppies, and to see the latest information of which puppies are still available.  Here's one of the males, Benny:
A $500 deposit will hold your puppy for you.

The Olde English Bulldogge is a breed that is one in a million. Instead of developing the breed for a specific look, color pattern or size, it was developed for health, ability and temperament. It was bred to better an existing breed and this goal has been accomplished with great results and generations of healthy canines to prove it. . . . [They] make amazingly great pets and are devoted and loyal. They adjust very well to all lifestyles ranging from a single-person apartment to a large family on a big farm. . . . All in all, they are a great pet and excellent and devoted friend."         (excerpted from Continental Kennel Club's report on their January 2004 Breed of the Month: Olde English Bulldogges)

     Coreyland Bulldogs is a family bulldog breeder.  Our three boys love to play with our lively bulldog puppies, and our grownup dogs too.  We have beautiful bulldog puppies available now and then through the year. Check back often.     

     Olde English Bulldogges (also called Old English Bulldogs) are old fashioned bulldogs. They make excellent family dogs or guard dogs. They love to play, and they are also very protective of 'their' family.  They do need a firm hand. You will have a much better dog if you're able to show him or her clearly that you're the boss.

     Olde English Bulldogges are likely to be healthier than the modern English Bulldogs, many of which have problems with breathing and hip dysplasia, and are sometimes unable to be bred or give birth naturally.  Olde English Bulldogges are a separate breed from the English Bulldog.  They're taller, more athletic, healthier, a lot more responsive, and have a kinder disposition.  Couch potatoes they are not!  Oldes maintain the instincts and intelligence and drive that English Bulldogs used to have many, many years ago.       

      The Olde English Bulldogge breed has been developed by a number of breeders, not just one exclusively, as claimed by some. Greg Hermes is responsible for the developing and breeding of the Hermes Olde English Bulldogge, going back some thirty years, taking several years to develop the present-day Hermes bulldog,  which has been breeding true for well over twenty years. There are a lot of people today putting together English Bulldogs with American Bulldogs with Mastiffs with Pit Bulls, all claiming they have an Olde English Bulldogge. We believe there are only two true strains of Olde English Bulldogge: the Leavitt and the Hermes.

     The bulldog in one form or another has been around ever since the Allant dog was in existence some 700 years ago. It has evolved and taken on many different forms, from a dog that could fight a full grown bull, to the appealing couch potato of today, commonly known as the English Bulldog. 

    At Coreyland Bulldogs, we believe that our Hermes Olde English Bulldogges are a particularly fine example of what Olde English Bulldogges should be. Our extensive research supports this opinion.  We are proud to say that we have been bulldog breeders for 26 years.

 ~ Dogs USA 2001 Annual ~
Breed Description for Olde English Bulldogges

      "Said to be a re-creation of the 18th century Bulldogge, the Olde English Bulldogge is alert, friendly, courageous and highly protective of owner and property. This broad-chested, medium-sized dog is powerful, athletic-looking and heavily muscled: males weigh a minimum of 60 pounds; females, 50 pounds. Its moderately wrinkled, large head and short, broad muzzle are less extreme than the regular Bulldog, but this breed does have the characteristic bully "tusks" of large, protruding bottom teeth set in an undershot, muscular jaw with hanging outer lips. The Olde English Bulldogge comes in fawn, red, white or black - all may have brindling or white markings. Its guarding tendencies and determined nature call for regular obedience classes." 

Chomper was an 85 pound male, 18 inches high at the shoulder, Olde English Bulldogge. He was born in August, '97, out of Miss Linda's Tank (sire) and Tabu (dam): head honcho, top dog, all around gentleman. 

 He was our all-time favorite, as a pet and as a prime example of the breed. We are sorry to say that he is no longer with us, but we all miss him. He disappeared while we were away on vacation, either stolen, run over, or perhaps shot by a neighboring farmer.  Chomper lives on in his many children and grandchildren.

Cocoa, a beautiful and powerful Olde English Bulldogge, was born in November, 1998, out of Hermes Hillbilly (sire) and Hermes White Powder (dam).  Cocoa's grandfather is the famous Hermes Dio.  Cocoa was over 100 pounds and 17" high at the shoulder.  Here you see her pulling Tamara on the sled, with Peter running alongside Cocoa, and Chomper bringing up the rear.  Cocoa went so fast (top photo) that the camera cut off her nose, so we snapped her again later going a bit slower - pulling Tamara up the hill!