A B O U T   U S

   Coreyland is a small, family run kennel raising Hermes Olde English Bulldogges, in Port Matilda, PA. We encourage you to come visit us in the heart of central Pennsylvania.  You can see all of our dogs, and pick up your new pup when it is eight weeks or older.

           Our family has raised these dogs, with a few selective breedings for sale, for the last 26 years.  Of all the dogs we've ever raised, the bulldog breeds have always been the most honest and loyal out of all the guard dog breeds.

           Our dogs are extremely protective of the kids -- they follow the boys when they play in the woods, and don't let them go too far. 

           We've never been afraid to let our children and our friends' children play with these dogs at any time.  Our sons, Daniel, Liam, and Tyler, are with the dogs every day, in and out of the house.  They love to hold the puppies, and roughhouse wildly with the grownup dogs.   Here's Tyler taking a walk with his 'doggie escort':

       Coreyland Bulldogs               text:   (814) 769-0207                email: coreylandsbulldogs@gmail.com