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Jul 16, 2020

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Tasha photos, from Kevin Travis' book, 'Tasha!!'
Kevin Travis has published a book, Tasha!!, about his beloved Coreyland Bulldog.  Tasha was born on May 20, 2003, and died  on May 15, 2016.  The book is filled with delightful photos of Tasha, such as those shown here, and comments about her personality.  You can purchase this book on in either Kindle or paperback form.  Here is a link for those who are interested:

If the link does not work, you can go to and type in 'Tasha by Kevin Travis'.
Tasha photos, from Kevin Travis' book, 'Tasha!!'

Here are a few comments from the book:

"Tasha added so much happiness to our family.  We were beyond blessed to have her in our lives!"

"The longer the walk, the wider the smile!"

"But most of all, she loved you.  That was evident by the dinking of her little tail, her random jumps into the air, and, mostly, her sweet smile."

Rylee AKA Juno


Just an update on Rylee aka "Juno".  She had her first vet appt and everything looked great, in fact he said she is a nice example of the OEB breed!!  She is the life of the party and has the sweetest personality. . . Thanks for everything.        

Julie Hainsey     June 9, 2014

Ton with TJ


This is Ton waiting for my son JT to wake up to play ball! He is so sweet! Thank you again for such a wonderful dog!

Kelly Young      July 11, 2014



Hi guys, Just wanted to show u how big Gotti is now, he was out of Pancho & Caspen. He is an awesome dog, our children love him! I must say he is wonderful with Blayze & Urijah he protects them, it's amazing. He get soooo many compliments when we have him out & about with us.We are so glad we found you guys. Hope to see you again soon...

                               The Fazio Family Justin, Portia, Blayze, Urijah & Gotti         Sept 22, 2014



Lucas stopping in to say hi and look how handsome I am!

Lucas is an awesome guy, he is smart and gentle, he is my buddy.  He is such a gentleman, always waits for me and always lets the girls have what they want that he has.  He loves to grab a chew toy and dances until you chase him around, eventually letting you catch him.  He is such a joy and so lovable, he makes my heart smile all the time.  Lucas is out of Tia and Joseph.

Thank you for my wonderful little buddy.  Well, all 85 pounds of little, lol.

Nancy Ciappa     Nov 27, 2014       




Hi! My name is Stacy Rosenbaum and we got a pup from you 9 years ago. Sadly we lost him yesterday and are very heart broken. He was a great dog! We obviously are looking for a new pup and as soon as possible since our three year old is devastated as we lost both our dogs in 4 months. Saw on your website you had two females available. We know we want a female. Do you have any information for us? Thanks so much and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Stacy Rosenbaum     December 20, 2014


Acey and Delia


As you can see acey and delia are still alive and well..we adopted pumby from susan patterson and he fit right in. We will definitely consider another one. We would be really interested in a male with as much white in him as possible. Remos passing has been very difficult so we want one that would look very similar. Your dogs have been amazing and would love to keep up the tradition. Keep us posted please. Im very sorry to hear about Pilot.

Take care



Hi Are you still breeding OEB? We got ours as a puppy 3 years ago from you. His name is Sheamus and he's an amazing dog.

Kristen Gustafson      March 23, 2015

Chad's male Olde English Bulldogge

Do you have any planned breedings for any black and white or white and brindle colors? We bought one from you 5 years ago and simply love him. We would love to get another to raise with him or a young adult he would enjoy.      

Thank you, Chad Zickefoose

Here's a couple pics of the male we got from you all.  He is fawn and white.  It is part of the reason she wants another color.  He is so well behaved and vets say in what great health he is.  That is why we would like another one from you all.  We get compliments on him everywhere we go.


 Chad's male Olde English Bulldogge            Chad's male Olde English Bulldogge

Tucker and Cooper


Hey guys -- I hope all is well.

     I just wanted to drop in and send you a quick picture of the two boys we purchased from you over the last few years. Tucker  (pictured in the back) was out of Annie and Kayos, and Cooper was out of Java and Bruno.

    These two are inseparable and are great with all kids and other dogs. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys, cause you really produce high quality healthy, show stopping bulldogges and we are so glad we found you guys! These two are definitely not camera shy either!
                                                                                                                     Josh and Megan Pant

was sold to the Lamborn family, who sent these pictures recently.  Mack is out of Cubby Bear and Kayos.  Mack has a PhotoSnack slide show!  Click on the picture below to cycle through his three photos.


Piston was a 12-year-old male Olde English Bulldogge out of Popeye and Cleo.

    Just wanted to let you know how Coreyland touched our lives.  We lost our beloved Piston on September 23, 2013.  Piston was purchased from your father in Bellefonte and was the product of Popeye and Cleo(I think?), born June 15, 2001, he was known to you as Brooklyn (if memory serves me correctly!). 
    We had 12 awesome years with him.  Both my husband and I have grown up with dogs but Piston was more than a dog, he bordered human!  We could have never asked for a better dog, he had it all...looks, temperament, attitude, behavior...he was so stoic!  No matter where he was, we received compliments. 
    We brought him home when our oldest daughter was 7, and introduced him to another sister when he was 8!  Even in his older years, he was a great dog around kids, never snapped at anyone, but certainly held his own with my parents 2 German Shepherd's, who were like his brother and sister! 
    We are missing him terribly and I feel that I needed to reach out with this email as part of our healing process.  We have decided that we are sticking with an OEB and will be looking to welcome a new member of our family in the spring.  We have periodically checked out and we see that you are still doing a great job at producing this awesome breed! 
    If you are planning any pups for spring-summer of 2014, will you please let us know?  We are sure we want to be a repeat customer!  Thanks again for giving us memories that we will cherish forever.  Shawn and Melissa Bozza

         Bojangles, male OEB out of Cubby Bear and Kayos



Bojangles is a six month old male Olde English Bulldogge out of Cubby Bear and Kayos.

       Check out the pictures!  Just want to let you know Bojangles is doing fantastic as a member of the  family!  The folks at the office and around the company absolutely love him and always ask about Bo whenever they don't see him with me in office.  Bo is playful and yet gentle with people and other dogs.  There is another English bulldog in the office about the same age as Bo but only half his size....      



Tank is a male Olde English Bulldogge, born 2/1/00, out of Java and Wesley
Tank's behavior is great. I could not believe how gentle he is. He is a big baby. I had no trouble house training him. I just hung bells on the door and he would run into them when he had to go out. I'm actually taking him for his good citizen test next month, and I don't think he will have any problem with passing it. I'm also in the process of getting his hips X-rayed because I want to stud him out. I would really like to have one of his puppies. I really think it would be a good dog, especially if it displayed some of Tank's disposition and obedience.
Thank you again for providing me with a great dog, Your puppies are wonderful dogs and I hope you continue to have great success with them. Best wishes, A Very Happy Customer.

Hey Folks,  Our boy, Bo, is about 78 pounds, at 10 months of age. Bo has excellent confirmation and a great disposition. ( In case it`s not already apparent, we really LOVE our dog) We hope you like what you see, as much as we do. Congratulations on your beautiful baby son. The Levers family, Danny, Annie Mae, Deb and Barry .............

Bear is a male Olde English Bulldogge.
We are very satisfied with how he has turned out and his athleticism for a dog that looks so "bully is astounding. If you have any questions or comments feel free to respond any time. Wesley ....................

Chavez is a male Olde English Bulldogge.
Hello Daniel Just a update on Chavez (Clyde's brother) my boy I got from you. Chavez is just over 1 year old now and is over 80lbs. He has a great temperament, is strong as hell, loves my American Bulldog Lucy and all other dogs. Chavez is not fixed yet, but I think I will do that soon. Thanks for such a great dog. Michael ............

Bruce is a male Olde English Bulldogge.
We bought Bruce from you last year. We couldn't be happier! He is very active and playful! Why walk when you can jump? He is turning out to be just beautiful.He plays rough with John but he knows to be gentle with me and the children.I would recommend you to anyone looking for a great dog.We bought another dog from someone else and she had noticable hip dysplacia by 5 months. Thank you for a quality dog.  Thanks, Sunny ...............

We named her Cody. I took her to the vet the next day, (after we got her). The vet said that saw this breed before. He said "she is a very nice looking dog, and that he would like to have one for himself". He also said that he thinks that she might have worms, so he gave me Panacur to give to her. He said "most puppies get worms, no big deal". When i got her she was 10 lbs, now she is up to 15 lbs. She is taking to house training very well. We all love her very much.

Dear mr Corey, I will send you some pictures of our Olde English Bulldogges, that origin 1/4 from your fabulous work. Coreyland`s Bruce is our Olde Ranch`s Doris`s sire. We got puppies 7th April and now I am Proud to present them to you. Above added picture Doris at work with me. Last summer at age of 1,4 years. See puppies on my homepage: My homepages are in finnish, but luckily pictures are international. Best regards from Finland. Timo Roininen Caveman}s Olde English Bulldogges

Hello Dan, Just an update on Oreo's breeding. He sucessfully tied Diamond 4 times, and working on his 5th. I think we will be having puppies the second week in July.  Thanks for all your help you've been a pleasure doing business with. We will keep you posted on the puppy outcome. Thanks, Leonard & Michele

Hello from Oona (renamed Lola), We just wanted to let you know how amazing our little Lola is. She is from Popeye and MaryKate's litter in July of 2003. Lola has charmed the pants off of our older male Jr. and they have been living happily ever after. It's great as she doesn't take his alpha male behavior, and he loves her for it. Lola is obedient on walks and is quite cuddly with all of us. She demands soft places to lay and sprints all over the place. Everyone should have a sweetheart like ours. Love The Crows!

Hi Dan! Just wanted to write you about the puppy we got from you in October. He was one of Pilot's. He is about 7 months old now and is a really good dog. We really enjoy having him around. His sister, Lucy (also an Olde English Bulldogge) really likes him as well. They are always playing. We have not had any problems with him and just wanted to let you know things are going really well. He is HUGE! Last month he was almost 60 lbs. I am sure he as got a long way to go though (he has lots of lose skin). Thanks again! We love him! Stacy and RJ

KELSIE/JOEY is a female Olde English Bulldogge, born 5/20/03, out of Buffy and Popeye
Just wanted to let you know that Kelsie (Joey to us) has adjusted well and is responding so well to training. Even though we just got her Friday night she seems to have already taken a liking to us. She is doing well housebreaking, she hasn't had an accident since Saturday morning. I promise to keep in touch and to bring her for a visit. Thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family.

Roxy is a female Olde English Bulldogge, born 1/16/04, out of Bridget and Popeye
Well it's been 12 weeks, and Roxy is doing really good, and growing, and has found a friend with our Retriever Mix. She is really smart, but a bit stubborn; she had some issues about being carried, but with some positive training she is doing good about that. I think she gets her final shots today, and we start puppy school and start her on going to a lot of dog parks. But she's a looker -- everyone wants to know what she is; and the topic is always about how good looking she is. The Girls love her and my Wife is very happy with her, so thanks for the OEB. Roxy is a keeper and part of our family, thanks.

 Caesar is a male American Bulldog/Olde English Bulldogge cross, born 11/25/01, out of AB Nina Bonita, and OEB Chomper
Caesar just had his first birthday, and he already weighs 85lbs and is 19" at the shoulder. Caesar loves to play, especially tug of war and with his (millions of) squeaky toys! He is a big couch potato and enjoys watching TV. Caesar is a very social dog and loves to have CONSTANT attention. If he doesn't get it- he whines, and whines and whines.... My fiance takes him to work on occasion and Caesar eats up the love he gets from the customers. Little kids are his favorite- he pulls them all around the shop and lets them ride on his back. He has also been very gentle with the household cats. He gives them kisses and (tries to) play with them. Though Casaer is quite spoiled, he knows his commands and listens well. He was surprisingly easy to train. We couldn't be more pleased with this dog. He is a big part of our family and a bright spot in our lives! Thank you so much. PS. Caesar has told us that he really wants a play mate so we will be back soon!